Review by Dr. Jannes Koetsier: "Every politician must read what is going on"

Review of the book Ideological constructs of vaccination by

dr. Jannes Koetsier, general practitioner and medical advisor:

"I started reading immediately. It is a magnificent study. Of course I did already know all the ideological constructs, but you describe everything in such a good way. I enjoyed your explanation how and why ideology and doctrine is a big problem in the vaccination discourse. I admire the lot of work you did with good contents-overview and with the 461 references. So the book is very useful for everyone who wants to know. Every politician must read what is going on". 


Dr. Jannes Koetsier is a general practitioner, medical advisor and chair of the foundation Shakenbaby.nl.  Dr. Koetsier has conducted research into vaccination for many years. More recently, he has prepared second opinion reports for more than thirty parents accused of shaking their babies. In approximately 25% of these cases, he discovered that childhood vaccination was the most likely cause of the so-called ‘shaken-baby’ injuries sustained by the babies. His work on the issue is published on http://www.shakenbaby.nl/.